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Sizes and Prices of Lofts in Chicago

Integrated units of space, lofts can indeed be practical solutions to overcrowded urban living environments. On the average, city loft spaces can range from 700 square feet to upwards of 2,500 (the average being about 1,000-1250) with prices to match starting at just below $100,000 going all the way to 1,000,000 and beyond(average 150,00-250,000).

Notably: In the past decade (since 1994), Chicago's loft real estate market has created an additional 5,100 loft unit redevelopments.

Sizing of Lofts

Lofts are often found inside old manufacturing plants or factories and, because of this, feature very high ceilings, exposed brick and architecture, big windows, wood floors and a wonderful airy feel. Due to the recent popularity of the lost style apartment, there are quite a few new buildings that offer loft style space.

Lofts come in a number of different forms; the traditional "hard loft" is a completely open space, with exception to the bathroom, and includes a kitchen and the typical necessities of living. A "raw loft" is much like a hard loft, though may not include any facilities. Such a space is often used by artists, musicians or is simply waiting to be converted to a more functional form. The "soft loft" usually features partial walls that separate rooms. These walls usually will not go all the way to the ceiling.

Pricing of Lofts

Pricing on Chicago lofts vary greatly and are usually based, first, on the area of town they are in, then upon size and available amenities. Lofts that include doormen, parking, exercise facilities, modern kitchen and appliances, and multiple bedrooms could rent for over $2000 though most lofts in the Windy City rent for between $1000 and $2000.

Compared to lofts in New York, lofts in Chicago feature greater space, higher ceilings and closer proximity, all at a better price. New York lofts seldom rent for less than $2000 and are often very difficult to find where you hope to. The increasing availability of lofts for sale makes finding one where you want to a reality seldom found in cities of comparable size.

Other Cities have what they call lofts, but are something not quite like the ones here in our big city. In Los Angeles a loft is often little more than a townhouse without separate bedrooms. In places where space is limited or very expensive the difference between a studio apartment and "loft" may be merely a matter of square feet. Lofts in Chi-Town offer a great deal more to someone looking for something other than four painted walls and a bath. A living space with character and a sense of originality is what you’ll find. Much like Chicago itself, the lofts you’ll find throughout the city are unlike any you’ll see in other places.

Whatever your taste, there is a good chance you’ll find a loft that meets your needs in Chicago. With modest pricing available, even in some of the more desirable neighborhoods, the loft is a great option. And with such a great array of sizes and designs, the loft can suit almost any need.

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