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Lofts in Chicago

Once the refuge of artists and college kids, the loft has become one of the more popular city residences available. Spacious, affordable and usually located very near to work, school and nightlife, lofts offer a great convenience to young professionals, newlyweds and just about anyone who wants to be close to the action.

In Chicago, lofts are usually built within buildings that were previously warehouses, manufacturing plants or large office buildings. Because of this, lofts should have very high ceilings, ten feet at the very least, and ideally a good deal higher. Furthermore, lofts usually feature exposed architecture, usually brick, ventilation ducts, pipes, etc. and large windows. The loft should reflect the nature of the building it is within while offering kitchen and bath areas that use the space available wisely.

The advantages of loft living are many. Lofts are usually available where there is little or no other residential space available. In Chicago, there are lofts right on Michigan Avenue! Despite the great location, loft prices are usually quite reasonable. Though on paper the typical loft may seem small, but because of its high ceilings and wide windows, lofts often feel very airy and large. Plus, a single professional can save time and money furnishing a loft as a little goes a long way.

Whether you are looking to avoid rush hour traffic, keep close to the city nightlife or just want a Chicago loft like you’ve seen on TV, there are many great ones available. Most are close to public transportation and offer various amenities, like parking, storage, security, exercise facilities, cleaning and much more. There are lofts all over the city and each one is unique. If you know where you want to buy a loft in Chicago, you’re likely to find one.

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