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How To Decorate A Loft

Once youíve found the loft in the Chicago neighborhood you want, making the space work for you is vital. Furnishing and decorating a loft is much different than doing so in a house or apartment. As you often need to make one room serve many purposes, loft decoration is usually a process trial and error.

However there are some well-established tricks for making you loft look great. Mirrors are perhaps the best-known trick in any small living space. Not only can a well-placed mirror give the impression of space, it can increase the amount of natural light in a room. Mirrors, as with other wall hangings, will probably require some form of ceiling mount, as your walls are likely to be brick or other exposed masonry. The equipment necessary is readily available at most hardware stores.

Curtains are another excellent way to subtly separate a large room into smaller areas. Long flowing curtains can be a little expensive, especially if your ceilings are very high, but the effect is almost always impressive. A similar and somewhat less expensive approach is the use of a folding room divider.

Furniture selection should compliment the style of the loft itself. Selecting furniture and bed coverings that have a natural colors and little or no patterning is suggested to match your brick walls. Rugs may have a little more design to them, especially if your floors are a light colored polished wood.

Finally, you have a new Chicago loft, why not give it a Chicago feel? Take advantage of those high walls with some great retro posters and art. Hunt through a few antique shops and youíre sure to find some interesting hangings to match your vision. Are you living near the river? Portraits of boats, an old Chicago map and a shipís wheel are a few good ideas. Consider the area you are in and the original identity of the building and some great ideas are sure to come to you.

The secret to decorating Chicago lofts is finding the right amount of "stuff." Too much and the room will clutter easily. Too little and your loft will feel big and empty. Donít be afraid to move your furniture around a lot. Try new things. Remember, a loft is not an apartment; the old ways of decorating donít apply. A creative use of space can really make your loft in Chicago interesting and new.

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