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Chicago Resources

To help ease the process of seeking out a new home, working with real estate agents, meeting with developers and builders and, ultimately, dealing with condominium associations, the following list of regulatory agencies | organizations may prove helpful.

The City of Chicago's Department of Buildings, the regulatory agency responsible for enforcing building codes to ensure properties are safe and sanitized monitor such structural components as: strength of supporting beams and walls; acoustics, mechanics, ventilation such as: heat and air ducts, plumbing, boilers, electrical systems and other key internal components. They step in when there are building code violations.

Contact the Chicago Department of Buildings for home inspections, loft constructions and questions regarding building zones and codes.
121 N. LaSalle
Room 501
Chicago, IL 60602
(p) 312.744-3400 | www.cityofchicago/

Department of Consumer Services Chicago Office
Their mission is to serve, safeguard, and promote the public welfare by ensuring that licensure qualifications and standards for professional practice are properly evaluated, accurately applied and vigorously enforced.
James R. Thompson Ctr
100 W. Randolph St
Suite 9-300
Chicago, IL 60601
(p)312.814-4500 |

American Inspector Society (AIS)
AIS is the oldest Home Inspectors Society, founded for the purpose of protecting the public from real estate fraud.
(p) 770.416-9877 |

Appraisal Institute
certified professional trained to ascertain a property’s market value
875 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60611
(p) 312.335-4100 |

Illinois OBRE
The mission of the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate is to protect and educate the public and promote confidence in the regulated industries through administration of statutory responsibilities in an efficient, professional, responsive and innovative manner. The agency oversees the regulation and licensure of savings banks and savings and loan associations, mortgage bankers and brokers, real estate brokers and salespersons, appraisers, auctioneers, home inspectors, leasing agents, and time share companies.
310 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 2130
Chicago, IL 60604
(p) 312.793-3000 |

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