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Chicago Overview and the Real Estate Market

Chicago the biggest, little city you'll ever find

A city of tremendous spirited vitality, Chicago, the third largest city in the nation, exemplifies a city coming together in both work & play. A world-class city of surpassed beauty is how the city is extolled by the City of Chicago. And true it is as the city encompasses unparalleled lakefront vistas, magnificent examples of architectural styles and design, and a broad array of enlightening cultural sites and events.

In the heart of the Midwest, Chicago with annual temperatures ranging from 80-90 degrees in the summer and 0-20 degrees in the winter, is definitely a city for all seasons. Situated upon the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago boasts a number of wistful harbors which during the warmer months give way to grand sailing expeditions. During the magical holidays, the city comes alive with the lighting of the lights all down Michigan Avenue or as it has come to be known The Magnificent Mile.

All persons associated with the city probably have their own list of attributes as to how the fond reference, Sweet Home Chicago, came about. A sampling of possible explanations may include: the city being home to the Blues music scene; notorious sporting teams i.e. the Bears, Cubs and Whites Sox, Blackhawks and world champion Bulls; the internationally renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra aka CSO; spectacular live theater; celebrated architecture; a veritable spectrum of top tier restaurants, and a wide range of internationally respected museums.
On account of its highly manageable scale and friendly town-like feel, persons both residents and visitors alike frequently praise the city for both its beauty and its offerings. For those who have chosen to reside in the city, the element of compact scale plays a more integral role in their daily navigational activities and, therefore, a greater appreciation for Chicago and its streamlined transportation and roadways.

With a patchwork of outlaying neighborhoods all within close proximity to the city's downtown | loop area, Chicago boasts an easy to get-around grid-like blueprint. A sampling of the clustering areas includes: to the south Printer's Row, Burnham Park and Albany Park; near north: River North, the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Lakeview; heading west: the West Loop, Bucktown and Wicker Park and far North, Edgewater, Rogers Park and Loyola.

What beckons people to live in the city is the vitality, diversity and, in a general sense, magnetic energy that emanates from the people and places that exist within the confines of the thriving metropolis.

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